Jan. 15th, 2017

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It looked like DW had imported all the pictures from my LJ account, but on closer scrutiny I see that it didn't do that at all - it just LINKS to the pictures on LJ. So if my old LJ account goes away, all my pictures are gone too. Boooo.

DW itself has practically no picture handling capability. They expect you to host your pictures somewhere else and link to them. There is some kind of limited photo-hosting capability, but you can only get to it... via email posting??? WTF?

ETA: I tried posting by email and it failed.
"Domain name not found: post.dreamwidth.com"

Oops. I typed the domain name wrong. It's dreamwidth.org.
Now it works, but it posted the picture in size ENORMOUS, even though I tried to send it as "best fit." I deleted that entry, and will try again.
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Taken on New Year's Eve while hunting Pokemon.
Posted via email from my computer to Dreamwidth using Gmail. I had to resize the picture first: couldn't find any way to resize it appropriately from Gmail.


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