Jan. 25th, 2017

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One of my neighbors sent me an invite to Nextdoor, some sort of electronic bulletin board where neighborhood residents can post questions, announcements, and the like. Sounded like a nice idea, so sure, I signed up.

Next time I looked at my gmail account, the "Social" tab had about 100 emails in it! Turns out the default setting for this thing is "send me an individual email for every single item posted by everybody in EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD." Holy crap. Who wants that?? I changed the settings to "just my neighborhood, please," but it was still overwhelming. No political chat or anything, just an endless stream of "I put an old bookshelf out in the alley" and "Who knows a good babysitter?" and so on. Finally I realized that every day or so they send out a digest that just has subject lines/links to the latest batch of postings. I changed my settings to block all the emails except the digest. I think that will make this usable.

Anybody have experience with Nextdoor? Do you like it?
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Okay, there's this icon on the editor labeled "Insert Image." I click it and get a popup window asking for a URL and a description. I paste in the URL of a picture of my house that resides in Google Photos and type something in the description field. And this is what I get.

There is supposed to be a picture here

How the f#@$ is this supposed to work???


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