Jan. 26th, 2017

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This has to be way up there in the pantheon of unintentionally horrifying advertising slogans.

It's from bedandbreakfast.com. "Only Hours Left to Get Your #WEEKENDINABOX!"
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This is the hand-made antique children's rocker that was made for Richard's father, or possibly HIS father. [personal profile] minnehaha borrowed it for a few years for her grands, and had it beautifully restored. Lena was impressed when we told her it was the Tatge Rocker (she knows that is part of her name). It's still just a little big for her, but she liked it and sat in it a lot over Christmas. The nervous look on her face in this picture is because she is looking at the rather disturbing Krampus picture hanging over the big lounge chair. (We eventually took it down. Lena was convinced that the small child being menaced by the Krampus was her friend Lola, and was really unsettled by it).


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