Feb. 13th, 2017

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 After much dithering around, i finally booked our room for the Helsinki Worldcon. Following a tip from [personal profile] barondave I chose the Scandic Marski. So there are at least two of us from MSP in that hotel now. Anyone want to join us and make it a local room block? 

They have a very nice hotel page on the Worldcon website that lists all the hotels with prices and status of the room block. Be sure to click on the link from this page to get the special booking code. However, if this takes you to a lovely hotel website all in Finnish... just copy the code that was filled in for you and take it here.

The rooms are not cheap, but bear in mind that the price includes taxes and breakfast. It sounds really nice. Free wifi, gym, and of course a sauna or two. Also loaner bicycles and Nordic walking sticks. 


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