Feb. 22nd, 2017

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 Richard had his 2nd hip replacement yesterday. Surgeon said it went fine, although it was a difficult procedure due to R's skeletal issues. Everybody at Methodist hospital (including the doctor himself) seems to believe that this surgeon is one of the very best. They keep saying things like, "And we routinely monitor for excess blood loss, although that's never a problem with Dr. Johnson's patients...."  When the nurses who clean up after you have nothing but good things to say, I figure that means you really are competent, so that's reassuring. 

Just like last time, R had a miserable first night in the hospital. His back is so bad that they just can't seem to make him comfortable, although all the nurses and staff seem to be trying hard. He'll probably spend the next 2 nights in the hospital recliner and then come home Friday. Any way, that's what happened last September with the right hip. Game party will be proceeding as usual. 

Methodist Hospital is becoming more and more like a luxury hotel. It's always been a nice hospital with pleasant public spaces and an excellent cafeteria (important for family members waiting around). Last time we were there they had instituted a "room service" approach to food: patients can order anything they want from the room service menu any time between 6:30 and 6:30. They are apparently renovating all their rooms, one wing at a time. We got one of the new rooms, which is a large, sunny single with all sorts of guest furniture including a sleeper sofa. Just yesterday they were having a little celebration in the lobby to roll out the new, redesigned hospital gowns that actually cover the patient's backside!  

Unfortunately the beds are still too hard for patients with skeletons full of bone spurs, so Richard is not happy. But he'll be home soon.


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