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 After peer pressure forced me to Dreamwidth I spent a long, unhappy time customizing my feed so that large pictures didn't totally break it.

Well, I haven't changed anything, but suddenly I can't view large pictures again. I have had to filter guppiecat from my feed because of his beautiful but ginormous photos. I can only see a fraction of the image with other frames from my feed style floating on top of it. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the setting was that resized pictures to fit inside the window. Does anyone remember? guppiecat, if you know maybe you can send me a private message. As I said, I just can't view your posts anymore. 

Alternatively, what pre-created templates work with large pictures? I couldn't find one that I liked when I first got here, but if custom templates don't stay stable maybe I have no choice.  

Have I mentioned that I kinda hate Dreamwidth?  

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Huh. I see that Dreamwidth has added the ability to upload pictures to their site. Now what? How do you embed them in a post? Can they be resized when you do that? Linked to the larger picture, like I used to do on LJ?

Well, let's try this... I went to "View your images" Grid View, copied the "Embed" link under the thumbnail, went back to edit my post, shifted into HTML mode, and pasted in the Embed link.
June 2017 - Grandpa Richard reading to Lena (30 months)
OMG, that is awkward. Please tell me this isn't the only way.
On the plus side, it DID put in a smaller picture that links to the fullsize one in the back room.
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 I have not seen a post on DW for 3 days. 
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 With some help from guppiecat, I managed to customize my DW feed so that posted pictures no longer sprawl promiscuously all over my monitor screen. It took way longer than it should have (which is why I put off doing it so long, I suppose), but now I have a striking teal-flavored Dreamwidth theme that I kinda like. 

Click on my account name and go take a look. It's adapted from an available theme just called "Blue" (a perplexing name, because IMHO the predominant colors are more green than blue. But if you like it, you can copy that same theme.)  
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Taken on New Year's Eve while hunting Pokemon.
Posted via email from my computer to Dreamwidth using Gmail. I had to resize the picture first: couldn't find any way to resize it appropriately from Gmail.
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It looked like DW had imported all the pictures from my LJ account, but on closer scrutiny I see that it didn't do that at all - it just LINKS to the pictures on LJ. So if my old LJ account goes away, all my pictures are gone too. Boooo.

DW itself has practically no picture handling capability. They expect you to host your pictures somewhere else and link to them. There is some kind of limited photo-hosting capability, but you can only get to it... via email posting??? WTF?

ETA: I tried posting by email and it failed.
"Domain name not found: post.dreamwidth.com"

Oops. I typed the domain name wrong. It's dreamwidth.org.
Now it works, but it posted the picture in size ENORMOUS, even though I tried to send it as "best fit." I deleted that entry, and will try again.
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Not only are my old LJ journal listings here, most of them still have pictures attached! That's a relief, since I have many years of posts on vacations, bike trips, and more recently cute baby pictures.
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Okay, I started an account at Dreamwidth and imported my LJ. As far as I can tell, I am all alone in the universe over there. Still trying to figure out where my friends went.

In the meantime, I think I found the cross-post-to-LJ setting.
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I signed up, claimed my usual handle (which thankfully was available), and imported my LJ. That went quickly. But now I'm lost. Presumably I imported my friends list. What do I have to do to see my friends' postings?

When I go to "Reading Page" all I see is a long New Years post from the proprietor.
Maybe what I want is "Feeds?" Nope, that's a list of communities or something like that.
Where are my friends???
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