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 For quite a few years now we have been doing our main grocery shopping at the Cub Foods on Nicollet and 50-something, with side trips to Trader Joe's in StLP.  I've never been crazy about Cub, but it's relatively convenient and big enough to have most anything we need. But for the last year or two I've been increasingly dissatisfied with it. Physically it's seriously in need of maintenance - floors gouged and cracked and stained, shelves looking decrepit. But I didn't consciously notice the physical deterioration until they started randomly rearranging the store, which forced me to LOOK at things while trying to find the toilet paper. When I did finally find the paper products, it was clear that the stock had been compressed into a smaller area and the particular type of Puffs that I usually buy weren't being carried any more. That's happening with more and more products. I've been blaming myself that I couldn't find them, but finally concluded that they just weren't there any more. And a lot of shelves at any particular time seem to be empty, as if they can't afford enough employees to keep the shelves stocked. 

I don't know if the problem is just this particular Cub Foods, or if the whole chain is going downhill. 

Anyway, I'm about ready to look for a new supermarket. Where do you buy your groceries, and why? 
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Does anyone know where I could find a pretty Christmas stocking that says "Lena" on it? Or has some easy way to add your child's name that doesn't involve heavy embroidery skills? Is this the kind of thing you find on Etsy?

ETA: We have a solution. Richard unearthed a stack of unmatched handmade-looking Xmas stockings from the attic. The only one with a name on it says "Sharon," which I found odd considering I don't remember ever using it. He said he found it a garage sale. Personally I think I'm too old for a stocking, but sometimes when Amber is here she insists on stockings for everyone. But this year it will be 5 adults and one child, and I think it's time to say that only the kid needs a stocking.

Anyway, one of them has a nice fabric panel at the top with plenty of  room for a 4-letter name - and Richard has a huge box of fabric paints that he uses for decorating his canes and Christmas ornaments and various crafts. So the solution is obvious - right?


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