Feb. 14th, 2017

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 I predict that Donald Trump will not be impeached but will resign the presidency within his first year. After 3 weeks it is clear that he's not enjoying this gig nearly as much as he expected to, but he's going to have to soldier on for a few months to save face. But he has to realize that he is screwing up more every day and most of the world is laughing at him, and he hates that. The big danger has always been that one of the horrible people he surrounds himself with would get control of the White House and proceed with his or her own agenda, but after 3 weeks I am in awe of the amount of ungovernable chaos the Trumpster has created. If he keeps following his instincts to set his advisers at each other's throats, the chaos will continue indefinitely.

It's up to the Republican congress how long they want to put up with this. I figured it would be at least a year before most of them concluded that they had extracted all of the power that they could out of the situation and started thinking about threatening impeachment. But, my goodness, things seem to be moving along way faster than that. It's no surprise that the Democrats are calling for a "broader investigation into President Trump's ties to Russia," but ...  
OMG look at today's headlines. It's only been three weeks, people!

"Republican leadership in the Senate said that it was likely that Mr. Flynn would be asked to speak to the Intelligence Committee..."

The Senate's second-ranking Republican and other GOP senators have called for an investigation into the episode, building on a string of investigations underway on Russian interference in the US elections. 

“It’s dysfunctional as far as national security is concerned,” Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said of the Trump White House. “Who’s in charge? Who’s in charge? Who’s making policy? Who’s making decisions?”

Indeed, Senator McCain. Indeed.


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